We are a fun golf lifestyle brand for avid golfers. If you love golf, courses, new gear and hitting the links... you are in the right place. Our goal is to provide our customers with funny & awesome golf products and share worthy content. We want to bring together all golf lovers to enjoy t-shirts, gear, check out amazing pictures, tips, courses reviews. wear cool hats, laugh and learn to play better.


Where It All Began

Golf Marshal is where we share all the glorious golfing content involved in living the golf lifestyle. We like new clubs, beautiful courses, spending the weekend golfing and funny t-shirts. We are a group of golf addicts that hit the links regularly, know how to hit the ball straight (most of the time), can hole one out from 80 yards, and cuss like a sailor when our round is not going right. We like early morning golfing, conversation with our friends on the course and ripping a drive 250 yards down the center off tee #1. Are you with us?

Do you love the smell of fresh cut grass in the morning? Can you accurately describe the mechanics of a proper swing? Do you consistently go for the green on your second shot on par 5’s? You belong here.

Our goal is provide the coolest and funniest golf apparel and accessories on the web. We are always adding new products so check back often!